Indian Style Earring Review – 5 Stars!

Indian-Style-Earrings-ReviewSometimes you see a pair of earrings that you just need to make.  That’s how I felt with this pair of earrings.  So I took the time to map them out (which took a few hours as I don’t own beading software), and the next day I started the process.  Indian-Style-Earrings-Top-First-Rows Just these 6 rows took me all day as I kept getting distracted and didn’t add the right beads in the right order.  Finally I put it down for the day, shaking my head, and started up again the next day.

I made better progress once the kids were back in school and I had quiet around the house again… perhaps the weekend wasn’t the best time to start this project?  Indian-Style-Earrings-Top-Triangle The top part of the earring took around an hour or so once I got into the groove of it, and the fringe took another hour to put together.  So all in all it would have taken perhaps 3 hours of beading per earring to put it together.  I made a few alterations to my original pattern during the beading.

I wasn’t sure I liked it at first because it was a lot larger than I normally would wear.  The base of the triangle runs 1.5″ and from the top of the earring to the bottom of the base of the triangle is 1″.  Add in the fringe and the earring dimensions are 1.5″w X 3.5″h.

But once I put them on I LOVED THEM! So now if you want to bead these earrings now that I have tested them  click here.  See you soon!  -Jeanne



Indian Style earring design

Justice decided that he wanted to learn how to build colorful dangle earrings, so today (after his AWA Pool Tournament which he won) we spent the time creating a map for one of the earrings he will learn on.  Today I spent time teaching him how to build the base row for the top triangle part of the earring, and like me he made a lot of mistakes at first, so he decided to set the base row today… and tomorrow he will start again and build the top triangle.  It is fascinating watching his mind work!

Today at I started on these earrings while Justice worked on another design. I got my base row done and started on the reduction row and realized I had forgot the red beads!  So I cut it apart and started again… And realized when on the reduction row that I had missed the BLACK beads this time. SO I STARTED AGAIN!!!

I put in around 3 hours work (including the first two mistakes and ended up with this:

Indian style earrings

The moral of the story is don’t give up and try to focus!  Here is Justice working on his set of earrings:

image image

Below is earring we are working on:

Indian Style Earrings


I am using two different programs to build the top and the bottom of the earrings, so the silver came out two different colors.  So on the left you see a Light  Grey to indicate Silver, and on the right you see a Dark Grey to indicate Silver.  I might go and alter the colors tonight to make it easier to understand.

Below are the colors we are using for the earrings:

Superduo Bracelet


I love this superduo bracelet.  I created a tutorial for people who are just starting out in their new adventure  of creating beaded jewelry.   Below are the supplies needed to complete this project:

As you can see, the material costs are very low, this would be perfect to make for a birthday or christmas gift. Below are the basic instructions:

bracelet instructions

The purple beads are seed beads, Green are the superduos and the red are the fire polished rounds. I showed how to do each individual round and how to connect them.  Play with the beads, this bracelet is highly individualized.  Consider adding beads to the sides of the bracelet to make it reflect your personality.

Have fun!


Feather Earrings

The other day I was flipping through earrings online and found some adorable feathery long dangle earrings.  Something about the design pulled at me.  In my imagination they swept softly against the neck creating a very soft feminine look.  It took me a day or so to get the pattern where I felt it should be.


Each of the designs are slightly different.  Personally I liked the center one best, so I gifted it to my granddaughter.  In celebration of my new blog I am attaching my pattern for those of you who would like to give it a go.  Just be patient and make sure that you keep your tension throughout the project.



I am linking all of the beads that I used in this project below.  I have used Toho 15/0 beads instead of Miyuki.  They seem to be of the same quality and Toho is half the cost!




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